Posted by: mzbitca | August 10, 2008

Olympic sexism

In case any of you have been living in a tent these past few days the olympics have returned, this time in China.  I already wrote a reaction post on the Feministing community blog about the american elitism and cultural insensitivity that as rampant in the March of the Nations and other people have pointed out other issues there as well.

My new issue revolves around the gymnastic qualifiers. One of the girls hurt her ankle right before it was time to come out and compete.  She was able to perform on the uneven bars since this event did not have much to do with pressure on her ankle.  She did well with a slight mistake.  However, the announcers comparison was ridiculous. 

In reference to hurting herself right before the olympics where the American team is favored to at least win a medal if not gold. Something she has been training for for many many years. Something she has probably been looking forward to since she started competing.  According to his announcer it is tantamount to: “Getting a rip in your dress on your wedding day.”

WHAT THE FUCK. Please, besides the issue that our wedding day is sooo important to the ladies, to even consider those two events are anywhere near the same is fucking insulting to this girl.



  1. Co-sign. I was just commenting to my mother that after watching both men and women team (hardwood) volleyball I was noticing a weird skew with the camera angles. It first came up when I noticed one of the female Cuba players had VPL (visible panty line) during the Cuba USA match. Then I realised I could only make the observation because the camera is focused on her backside! So later I’m watching the men’s volleyball and expecting the same camera angles (I must confess I was acutally looking forward to that, bad me, bad) but no – denied. The men are all shot from the stomach up – consistently, throughout the entire match. I couldn’t even tell what type of shorts they were wearing until the matches were almost over.
    Thinking this must just be me I watch the women’s USA Venezula matchup today. And again we have returned to a thigh and up camera angle for the Women’s matches. Geez, why must everything be tainted by this crap?
    And dont even get me started on beach volleyball.

  2. Here’s the thing: even if this girl (Chellsie Memmel? Or am I mistaken?) does really want to get married someday…she’s nowhere near old enough to do so yet. If they wanted to used an analogy which demeaned the importance of major athletic accomplishment to her, they should’ve picked something related to high school or college, not marriage.

  3. Your blog is interesting!

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  4. I agree, something I would equal the dedication and time and effort she put into gymnastics…but you know all the stuff we women do is just until we finally can put all our efforts into being a wife.

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