Posted by: mzbitca | August 12, 2008

Domestic Violence is a fashion statement

Brooke Hogan posted these pictures on her myspace page in reference to her issues with the papparazzi.  I understand the point she is trying to make but the fact of the matter she she’s posing looking like a domestic violence victim yet trying to pull off a sexy edge.  I have seen victims of domestic violence and there is NOTHING sexy about it. It is sad and sobering.  These women have been violated in a very visceral way and the effect on them is nothing short of tragic.  To dress yourself up in black eyes and bloody lips and yet pose like on the cover of a magazine you are showing an image that supports violence.  It is just another example of privilege and ignorance of the realities of domestic violence.



  1. that’s ridiculous. She needs to donate money to domestic violence shelters. I personally give 25% of profits from my book CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL to DV shelters.

  2. michelle
    -I know but she lives in a dream world…her response to all the uproar about her comments on a women president just shows how out of touch she really is

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