Posted by: mzbitca | August 15, 2008

Brooke Hogan Part 2

Many of you may remember the quote from Brooke Hogan’s show where she says she would never run for president because she would be PMSing.  A lot of people took her to task for it, me included (although not on here, mostly in my own little head). The thing is, were her comments ignorant and sexist, yes,  but they did not occur in a bubble. I know plenty of women who have bought into the sexist, women cannot control their emotions, they are wild and crazy bitches when on the rag, mentality. Brooke just happens to have a venue to voice her opinion, and at times I appreciate that she says stuff like this unlike some celebrities that carefully word all their statements to NOT cause a PR stir.  I think she’s wrong and it’s a thought process that needs to be stamped out, but to do that people first need to ADMIT they feel that way.  So I was slightly interested to see her response to all her negative publicity.  

Quote after the jump:I hate blogs but I love mine. Cause I can be F-in REAL with people!!!! I wanna make a difference in a good way even if that means speaking my mind. people might take offense to it but whatev. First of all lets address my ‘voting” comment- first of all opinions are like (you know whats)-everyone has one. I decided to make a very blunt comment. Notice how i said “I know IIIIII couldn’t do it cause I’d be pms-ing and freaking out all the time” ….Honestly I’d LOVE to meet a woman with NO emotional problems….but thats not the point…but its true. LOL Second- Only 54 percent of eligible american voters cast their ballots!!!!!! Half of them are only voting cause its “cool ” to vote for so and so…they aren’t even up to date on information. I’M personally not up to date on the facts, so I don’t wanna make a stupid choice for our country. I WANT to vote but only when I know exactly whats going on. More ppl should think like that. Paris Hilton said “yaaaay go vote cause its cool and hott!!!!” …SHE WASN’T EVEN REGISTERED. seriously. ———

Three points:

1.  She starts off stating it was her opinion about herself but then goes on to say that she would love to see a women without emotional problems…I agree but I would like to change it to I’d like to see ANYONE without emotional problems.  We all have baggage from life that affects us and our perception on situations, the only difference is, are we aware of the problem and do we let it run our lives.  She also basically invalidates the claim that she was just refering to her when she basically says that what she stated is True for everyone…um Brooke, it’s not and the second you realize that will be the second your life gets 100x better.

2.She is assuming people are only voting because it’s the cool thing to do…that scares me because it is that exact attitude that is being used against Obama, the belief that American’s are idiots and are swayed by sparkly lights and celebrity endorsements…I have more faith in people than that…kind of

3. She is claiming she is not voting because she’s not informed. Well, who the hell’s responsibility is it to get informed. Someone is not going to come up to you on the street and say “I’m going to explain to you in detail the way politics work and the cons and pros of each of the candidates.”  No, we have the responsibility to go out there and get ourselves informed. It bothers me that she is basically saying “I’m ignorant and I’m going to stay that way and I’m going to assume everyone is as ignorant as I am.”

She goes on in the blog to talk about how she is a leader and not a follower but in my opinion a leader goes out there and tries to change things.  She does not sit there and say “oh I don’t know anything about that so I’m just gong to stay out of it even though the end result could effect me and millions of other people.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with any of the comments on the linked blog. I do not believe name calling in any way proves a point.  However, I do hope that one day she will really look at her comments and hopefully lift her head out of the patriarchal and sexist mire she has been surrounded with her whole life and see what could have been and could be for her.



  1. Women like Brooke grate on my last nerve and these are the colluders that get their own show, celebrity and fame. It goes to show that we don’t value intelligence in women we value beauty and conformity. She did not make one rationale point in her ridiculous little post. She did at least announce to the world that she doesn’t have the sense that God gave cabbage but then we already knew that.

  2. The problem is she still hasn’t realized just how out of touch she is with the reality of life.

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