Posted by: mzbitca | August 15, 2008

Oh Hell No


another PETA ad

another PETA ad

Seriously!  I will be one of the first to go against much of PETA’s advertising, as well as some of their stances (proud owner of a Pit Bull here) but this goes one step further in my mind.

Of course it’s a PETA ad so it wouldn’t be complete without a half naked women…I mean what says animal rights like an airbrushed ass…but the saying pisses me off for an entirely different reason.

“I Always Fake It!”  Of course, women fake orgasms, cause they don’t really like sex and it’s more about making them menz feel nice with a loud fake ass scream than actually feel the amazing pleasure enjoyable sex can bring.  All this does is reinforce the belief that all women who are involved in the sex industry don’t enjoy the sex and are all there just for the men’s enjoyment.  Holly Madison of all people should not be bragging about faking it, she could be spinning positive sexual identity for females perhaps with a tagline “I never fake it….unless we’re talking about fur.”  Still would have been an ad that misses the big picture because of the whole naked lady instead of animal rights thing…but at least we wouldn’t have to perpetuate and annoying myth that goes around about the female orgasm too.

So, congratulations PETA, you are not only objectifying women’s bodies to put your point across, you’re also insulting our sex lives as well.


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