Posted by: mzbitca | August 17, 2008

More Olympic Sexism

With Dara Torres winning silver medals at 41 you think that the topic of age would no longer be an issue right….

Wrong, while watching a biking event, a medal event no less, the commenters felt the need to comment that at 31 years old the women is probably just feeling “lucky” to be included in the olympics….


Um shut the fuck up about age already. Women do not immediately turn 30 and lose the ability to compete athletically and there is no luck involved in qualifying for the Olympics.  She physically earned it by being better than others. In my mind it’s like the announcers are saying: okay you can be frivolous and athletic in your 20s but shouldn’t you be home with a family and shit by the time you hit 30, stop trying to be like the men and get back to what you’re supposed to do, reproduce and feed fucking family.



  1. I think you’re overreacting. Maybe it was a general comment about age and not one strictly related to the gender of…
    Oh wait. The commentators haven’t said that about Hiroshi Hoketsu, who’s 67. Or 58-year old John Dane III. Or any male athlete ever.
    I’m with you on this one.

  2. Wrong. When a person gets older it is harder for them to keep the effects of age at bay.

    I’m 44 and I don’t care if the person is a man or woman. I’m impressed that they’re still competing, even more that they’re competing at that level.

    Take a deep breath.

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