Posted by: mzbitca | August 19, 2008

Once again… Olympic Sexism

Ok… officially sick of this.

 She competed this morning, finishing second-to-last in the qualifying round with a throw that was 12 meters short of her personal best. It was a disappointment, to be sure, but not altogether surprising. After all, Leryn’s goal was never to medal; it was to win the hearts of men and women worldwide. And in that event, Leryn Franco won gold.

Once again, let’s repeat….The female athletes at the olympics are not there for you to ogle, pass judgement on their attractiveness, or for your approval  on their likeability.  Just accept the fact that they are not doing this for you.



  1. 🙂 haha
    i second that thought!

  2. and they’re not “girls” either, they are women, FFS.

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