Posted by: mzbitca | August 21, 2008

MTV…as if The Hills wasn’t bad enough.

So apparently MTV has a new reality tv show in the works and this one is pretty fucking horrible.

“But just how much the show’s contestants may have to lose in order to increase their chances of becoming a model has already angered many body image experts and even obesity experts — all of whom worry that this show may be the latest detrimental message sent to an already weight-obsessed generation of young girls.

“Anything more than 25 pounds in 12 weeks is really overstepping the boundaries,” said obesity expert Keith Ayoob of the show’s promise to help the aspiring models lose as much as 80 pounds in three months.”


Now, I don’t like the term obesity expert in the article because I have a feeling that’s a word that hides someone who has fat phobia but that’s another post and one I’m probably not entirely qualified to write.

My biggest issue is the push to once again set up the ideal beauty idea and to enforce unhealthy weight loss. Something some people in the modeling industry have trying to vie away from. This show really isn’t about modeling…the point is not to see some girl win money and her dream, the point is to show a bunch of girls who are most likely a healthy size lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.  It’s all about judgement and encouraging it in our youth. They want to exploit these girls self-esteem or lack there of and get some good sound bytes. They want girls to watch this show and compare themselves to these women and criticize these women.  That’s where the money is in these reality shows, making normal people into characters that perpetuate harmful ideals and ideas that make the big guy money.



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  2. There’s an amazing documentary called Super Skinny Me on the BBC that followed two female journalists while they went on crazy, fad diets in a race to get to size double zero. Totally amazing to watch two well educated, “normal” girls begin to loose their mind as they become obsessed with weight loss. No spoilers as to if either of them made it, but I will say that they both lost that energetic, healthy glow as the various diets they tried offered their body nothing to thrive on. BBC did a pretty good job showing how mentally incapable the girls became treating their body like they were. I’m hoping MTV will hold a little dignity and show some “hey this crash diet shit is bad for you” bits.

    blurb from the bbc

  3. This is exactly the reason we don’t even have TV in our house. We spend a little less renting movies instead of watching TV. My kids don’t feel deprived, and because DD and I have an open dialog, she is well aware of what is healthy and unhealthy. Some of her friends are less fortunate. Although they are a healthy weight, they think they are fat and need to diet. It is tragic what the media is doing the the self esteem of kids.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you here. What frustrates me is this question: What do we do about it? My answer is to not watch TV pretty much at all, and certainly not MTV. But I’m left with the feeling that (a) this isn’t “good enough” and (b) it’s such an enormous issue that I could make my life’s work about re-education young women about positive self-image, but I’m not willing to do that.

    Result? Guilt.

    And that sucks.

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