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Top Ten Buffy Moments

I love Buffy. It is hands down my favorite show and I seriously believe it is one of the best tv shows ever produced.  I know it dropped in value in some ways and that Joss definitely has missed the boat in relation to POC in his work but it still has some of the best “fuck yeah” moments that always get my adrenaline up.

So here are my top ten Buffy moments after the jump

10. When Xander and Cordelia are arguing and Willow tells them to either help or “Get the Hell out of my library.”

9. “Who are you?”  “I’m Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?”

8. Season 6: “Two to Go.” Giles breaks down the door, knocks Willow on her ass and replies “I’d like to test that theory.”

7. any given time, in any situation, even when she’s evil and killing people

6. When Buffy receives the Class Protector Award in “The Prom” Season 3

5. Season 5 “Checkpoint” When Buffy tells off the Council of Watchers and throws her sword at the one who dares to interrupt her.

4. “What are you getting so strung up for, B?”                                                     “Why are your lips still moving, F?”                                                                    “Did I just hear a threat?”                                                                                “Would you like to?”  -Faith, Hope and Trick, Season 3

3. Faith in Buffy’s body speech to Spike in “This Year’s Girl.” Season 4

2. Buffy’s speech in “Chosen”, Series Finale. Where she talks about giving the power of the Slayers to all the women of the world who have the potential in them and the coordinating scenes where we see a women stand up to her abuser and a little girl at bat.

1. Angel: “So that’s it, no weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what’s left?”                                                                                                     Buffy: “Me”  Then she proceeds to kick his ass.   “Becoming, Part Season 2

Those are mine. Feel free to leave your own in comments.



  1. Found your blog via feministing…

    Awesome list! I’d like to add two others:

    Season 1, Nightmares: Buffy, as a vampire, “There are a lot scarier things than you. And I’m one of them.”

    And, the Season 6 finale when Buffy and Dawn climb out of the hole in the ground, with Sarah McLachlan’s “The Lord’s Prayer” in the background.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffy. I have all 7 seasons and have been watching so many old episodes lately. I have too many favorite moments to pinpoint one. But I just want to thank you for this post! I even named my two cats Buffy and Angel. I get teased all the time, but I don’t care. We need more strong female characters out there to be role models for young girls these days.

  3. Mine has to be when Warren seems to have the upper hand and is all “Say Goodnight, Bitch.”

    And Buffy dispatches him easily saying, “Goodnight, Bitch.”

    The class protector award still makes me cry even though I’ve seen it a million times.

  4. Mine has to be when Warren seems to have the upper hand and is all “Say Goodnight, Bitch.”

    And Buffy dispatches him easily saying, “Goodnight, Bitch.”

    The class protector award still makes me cry even though I’ve seen it a million times.

  5. I’m inthe process of rewatching all Buffy episodes now, and the Class protector award has to be one of my favourite scenes ever. I welled up, again. That and Giles. ‘You have the emotional depth of a blueberry muffin’ To Wesley.

  6. The speech in “Chosen” gets me all blubby every single time.

    I like to post my favorite Whedon moments every Wednesday (w/ minor exceptions) on my blog, under Wednesday Whedon Moments. That was one of them.

    I also like Buffy’s Ghandi impression.

  7. Season two in the episode where Ethan made the candy that made all the adults act like kids.

    Buffy: “This is the lightning round and believe me when I say an incorrect answer will cost you all your points.”

  8. Willow and Tara combining their magic to move that vending machine in Hush. Awesome.

  9. Hi, i also just found your blog via Feministing. Gotta agree with you on the speech/battle scene in “Chosen” being one of the best scenes ever. Also, Spike’s speech to Buffy in “Touched” was just so beautiful, definitely on my top ten list.
    Oh, and i love the “When She Was Bad” reference in your name.

  10. […] Top Ten Buffy Moments « What a crazy random happenstance (tags: buffy hat.tip-Feministing) […]

  11. What about during “The Gentlemen” when Giles is explaining how you can kill them with the overhead projector and they all think he’s making the jerking off hand signal? That episode in general is a stand out. I love the part at the end when she screams and the box shatters- super scary.

    Class Protector award – most def. Trying to find the scene on YouTube, etc. to no avail.

    Spike chained to the bathtub – “Passions is on! Timmy’s down the bloody well, and if you make me miss it I’ll…”

    Saddest was when Buffy’s mom died. All the critics said the ep should have been nominated for an Emmy. I agree.

  12. Hi
    Hmm… I see that I understand nothing about topic

  13. I have been looking at a few best buffy bits and am surprised that spike and buffy bringing down the house literally is not on any of them.

    • Izzie,

      I thought about that one but since that was supposed to be such a dark time for Buffy and she wasn’t happy I wasn’t sure how powerful (0ther than physically) it was supposed to be compared to it being sad and desperate. I have mixed feelings on the Spike and Buffy relationship (which is how a good vampire relationship should be) I enjoyed their chemistry and physical equalness but I think it was not a healthy relationship on either of their parts.

  14. ive watched all the buffy episodes this week on account of i have all 7 seasons on dvd. here are some of my fav moments:

    Prophecy Girl (S1) – when buffy has just found out she is destined to die and giles is telling her that all the signs point ot her death and she throws the books at him and gives a speech about how she doesnt wanna die cuz shes only 16

    When she was bad (S2) – when she smashes the masters bones and cries in angels arms

    passion (s2) – when buffy and willow find out about jenny calendars death and when buffy goes into shock and willow breaks down crying

    becoming part 2 (s2) – when buffy kills angel

    lovers walk (s3) – when cordelia and oz find willow and xander kissing in the factory

    enemies (s3) when faith figures out that buffy and angel tricked her

    earshot (s3) when buffy gives the speech to jonathoon about how everyone has to deal with there own problems and thats why there not worrying about his

    the prom (s3) when buffy gets the class protector award

    graduation day part 2 (s3) when buffy watches angel leave, and they blow up sunnydale high

    new moon rising (s4) when oz leaves for the last time

    into the woods (s5) when riley leaves buffy

    the body (s5) the whole episode

    forever (s5) buffys moms funeral and when angel comes to comfort buffy

    the gift (s5) when spike says to buffy “i know youll never love me, but you treat me like a man” and when buffy sacrfices herself and when spike and everyone else break down upon seeing buffys dead body

    once more with feeling(s6) when the scoobies find out that buffy was in heaven and not hell

    tabula rasa (s6) when tara leaves willow, and when giles leaves buffy

    as you were (s6) when buffy finds out that riley is married, and when she ends the affair she was having with spike

    hells bells (s6) when anya makes that walk down the isle after xander tells her he doesnt wanna get married and shes crying. also when d’hoffryn is talking to her and she says that she is ‘tired of crying’

    entropy (s6) when xander finds out that buffy was sleeping with spike

    seeing red (s6) when tara dies in willows arms

    grave (s6) when willow breaks down in xanders arms after having stopped her from ending the world

    touched (s7) when spike gives that speech to buffy in the abandoned house.

    chosen (s7) when buffy gives that speech about the potentials and how theyll all become slayers, and when there all standing on the edge of the crater where sunnydale used to be and there all wondering whats going to happen next

  15. One of mine would have to be is in season 7 in the episode when Willow is turned into Warren by Amy, and Willow/Warren breaks down to Kennedy over Tara.

  16. and also ANYTHING Giles says. he’s just so funny.

    especially: “i like mushy peas!”

  17. how about the scene in season 4 when Buffy and Faith are dancing in the bronze to the song ”chinese burn” 😀 episode – bad girls

  18. Love them here is another load I liked 😀
    Buffy : i have been lokking for you.
    Faith : i have been standing still for the last eight months how hard you look

    Giles : We have a slight apoclaypse.

    Giles: This is madness. What could you have been thinking? You are the Slayer. Lives depend upon you. I make allowances for your youth, but I expect a certain amount of responsibility, instead of which you enslave yourself to this-this… cult.
    [we see Buffy is wearing a cheerleading outfit]
    Buffy: You don’t like the color?

    “The world is doomed” (last line of the first episode)
    “The world is most definitely doomed” (before the battle of chosen the last episode)

    Cordelia: “This is great. There’s an unkillable demon in town, Angel’s joined his team, the Slayer is a basket case… I’d say we’ve hit bottom.”
    Xander: “I have a plan.”
    Cordelia: “Oh, no, here’s a lower place.”

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