Posted by: mzbitca | August 28, 2008

They’re out there

I’ve been reading a lot of crazy things being leveled at Obama on some conservative blogs that I occasionally visit just to remind myself about the stupidity of some people.  However, I have never met a real live person who believed it until today. Most of the people  I know voting for McCain have different ideas of what’s important or which policies are correct which I can handle over believing propaganda that’s designed to play on people’s racist, xenophobic fears.

I have an Obama bumper sticker on my car and my co-worker knows I support him and I know he supports McCain. I was comfortable with that being the extent I discussed politics with him considering we are co-workers.  However, he threw the gauntlet down in work today and he threw it down big time.  He came in the office and mentions he was listening to a radio show and they were talking about Michelle Obama’s speech. I just respond with a simple “yeah” as I figured the radio host didn’t say anything good.  He then launches into the tirade that her entire speech was almost word for word from a radical communist book and that he felt her phrase about us “seeing the world as it could be, not just as it is” as a complete communist statement.  He then proceeded to tell me about all the connections Obama has with Ayers from the Weathermen and how “mark his words” if he wins then he will take all the money away from “us” and give  it to pay for all the illegal immigrants getting healthcare in America. (His claim was that Obama would consider someone making around $80,000 a year as rich) 

At this point I was dumbfounded to hear all of these incredible accusations all at once. So I replied with knowledge of Barack Obama’s policies and he just laughed at me and was like “Obama has never voted against his party.” I then responded that I couldn’t justify voting republican because I don’t believe that they truly respect women and mentioned McCain voting against the equal pay for equal work law and the man literally laughed in my face and moved on to Obama voting for Partial Birth Abortion and killing babies. At this point I let loose explaining everything about the way the Supreme Court ignored multiple expert testimonies about the procedure and didn’t even include an exception for the women’s health.  I also tried to explain why Obama didn’t vote in favor of killing babies but instead against a bill that would allow anti-choicers to work to overturn Roe v. Wade and he responded with telling me about a nurse who once told him women come in that use abortion as birth control and have abortions in their eighth month.

I finally just told him if he wasn’t going to at least listen to what I had to say on the situation than he needed to stop talking to me about it right now because is was obvious we were never going to agree.  He laughed at me again and finally walked out of the office saying “yeah this is probalby something we could debate about over and over.”

Debate? Last time I checked in a debate you don’t laugh in someone’s face when they offer an intelligent response to your claim and your claims are not  based on someone’s opinion on a talk radio but by things you actually know or have learned about.




  1. “I have never met a real live person who believed it until today.”

    Yeah, there are actually an enormous number of people who believe that stuff, at least in my part of the country. I can’t count how many times I’ve had someone explain to me how Obama isn’t really a natural-born American citizen, or how he’s really a militant Muslim, etc.

    And many pro-lifers are pretty much incapable of any rational debate on that subject.

  2. I think they are both as bad as each other, i’m just glad I live in England.

    Check out my blog at

  3. And I should be glad you live in England, too, if you’re that ignorant of American politics.

  4. damn straight Genevieve

  5. People like that always leave me feeling like I’ll have ulcers before I’m 30. Gods, I hate those smug bastards. “I’m right and you’re wrong and the world is going to hell and you’re just too stupid to see it, ha ha”. SO frustrating.

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