Posted by: mzbitca | September 6, 2008

awesome post

I’ve been lazy about my own writing. Mostly because I’ve been sucked into politics and the announcement of Sarah Palin as VP and others talk about that stuff much better than I ever could.  However, while perusing the Feministing community I came across a pretty awesome post about the same situation.

My favorite part after the jump.

Stepping beyond the issues for a moment, what troubles me the most about McCain’s selection of Palin is his attempt to sell her as a maverick’s choice, proof that he can be regarded as an independent thinker when in fact his choice was anything but freethinking; his choice was a peace offering to the radical Christian right, an act of submission to his party, not one of defiance or even independence. Indeed, Palin has successfully rallied the radical right in a way McCain could not. If McCain wanted to make the choice of a maverick, he could have selected someone like, say, Joe Lieberman, who agrees with the party on key issues—the war—but is also more moderate on others, someone who could reach across the aisle, wrest back the party from the radical right, and not continue the bitter divisiveness Palin so masterfully evoked in her convention speech. As McCain’s campaign continues, it becomes increasingly apparent that his candidacy is being shaped by the same dark forces in the Republican party that brought us the Bush Presidency. After eight years of unmitigated disaster—from the war to Hurricane Katrina to the economy to violation after violation of civil and human rights—this is a truly terrifying prospect.



  1. Ah, excellent highlights in this post.
    This reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw on a car today:

    Hurrican Bush – America’s Most Devestating Disaster.


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