Posted by: mzbitca | September 9, 2008

Daddy (and now Mommy) knows best.

McCain’s daughter just recently was interviewed.  While in it she utters the phrase. “No one knows what war is like other than my family….period.”

Cord at Mollygood has an excellent response to that statement and I agree with him completely.  My biggest issue with McCain is he put of an air of “I know what I’m doing, and I’ll take care of it all for America.”  It truly is a father knows best approach to politics.  He brushes off people’s concerns with the war, economy, individual rights ike they are something we just don’t need to worry our pretty little head about.  He knows war, he was a POW, he’s a Maverick, don’t worry he’ll fight for little old us. But I wonder if he ever really considered what we want him to fight for.  McCain has always had issues discussing things like reproductive rights or same-sex rights.  He stutters and seems completely uncomfortable..Much like someone’s dad who responds “ask you mother” when the question “where do babies come from?” is asked.  He needed someone to represent those values…even if she has yet to talk about them.

The addition of Palin to the ticket has now included a Mother knows best attitude to it.  Palin and the GOP has traded hard on her role as a mother and raising a family.  They stress that as a mother and strong successful woman she knows what America needs as well.  But again, what about our opinions.  Palin has strongly voiced to opposition to abortion and does not support exceptions for rape and incest.  Her daughter makes the “right” decision when she becomes pregnant.  However, Palin does not tell us how she’s going to really fight for us…it’s just implied that she will. They are “The Mavericks” fighting for our America…but what does that mean to them?

Does it mean that women have to struggle to pay for their own birth control because their insurance does not have to cover it.  Does it mean that women who do not have the means to support an unplanned child must still make due with the bills and emotional turmoil of a pregnancy even IF they are giving the child up for adoption? Does it mean that a rape victim is expected to pay for her own rape kit in order to press charges even if they can run up to a thousand dollars?  Does it mean not expanding the GI bill for our vets who perhaps joined the army/national guard/marines out of hope for their future AFTER this war?

If we look at what the candidates have supported or voted for in the past..then yes it does.



  1. > but what does that mean to them?

    I think they think it means blowing up terrorists. And stopping the evil anti-Americans from destroying the country from within.

    Or something.

  2. You did a great job expressing my sentiments on the McCain/Palin issue. Thanks for this post!

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