Posted by: mzbitca | September 9, 2008

Top Ten Willow Moments

I was making this list when I realized that many of Willow’s self-defining, kick ass moments are relatively more understated than most of Buffy’s but that does not make them any more important.  Throughout the season Willow had a very indepth and occasionally painful character development that I felt was  well done even with some of the shabby writing with the “magic addiction”.  I always give Alyson Hannigan credit in her acting abilities.  She was able to show Willow’s strength, power and conviction in just a few simple words and often times a look or touch.  That said, off the top of my head: Top Ten Willow Moments.

10. Freeing Angel’s Soul after recovering from a coma.

9. “Angel, if I say something you don’t you promise not to bite me?”

8. Willow telling off Parker for trying to manipulate her into sex

7. “I’m over you now, sweetie”

6. Willow floating a pencil to kill a vampire in Season 3 “Choices”

5. Willow punching Anya in Season 3 “Doppelgangland”

4. Willow mouthing “I love you” to Tara in “The Body” Season 6

3. Season 7 “Conversation with Dead People” When Willow realizes that The First is not actually Tara

2. Willow channeling the Essence of the Slayer in Season 7 “Chosen”

1. Willow sapping Tara’s Engery from Glory in Season 6 “The Gift”



  1. My favorite Willow moment is pretty much all of Season 4. Unfortunately, I never did catch up completely on BtVS, and it appears–if your list is anything to go by–that I’ve missed a lot fantastic moments.

  2. EEEE! Fangirl moment! I love Willow… nice to see another Buffy fan. (sorry, I’ll say something intelligent another time)

  3. I echo you, Screaming Lemur! And I’m very happy to find feminism and pop culture on the same blog. 🙂

    I don’t know if it counts as feminist, but I really love the moment where Willow tells Xander off for dating Cordelia and keeping it a secret. One of my favorite things about her was the way she could just say what she meant, in a way that often breaks your heart.

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