Posted by: mzbitca | September 18, 2008

The good and bad

TV is starting up again and it’s a whole new game because this time…..I have a DVR.  This works well for me because eventually I will be switching from days to evenings and I don’t want to miss 30 Rock or The Office, or House, or Boston Legal.  So Yeah

Two things. One good and one bad/sad

1. House.  First episode of “House” involves a women who falls ill while working.  Turns out she is pregnant (that’s not all that’s wrong with her) but the baby will not survive.  One doctor goes in to tell her she must terminate assuming she will be devastated.  Instead. She gets a “please, remove the fetus, where do I sign? and on her shocked look. “What? I don’t have the time or means to have a baby right now.”  I loved this because it shows that just because a women is pregnant doesn’t mean she automatically wants the child and that it is not always an emotionally wracking decision for the women but just a matter of fact choice.  

The bad: The dog fighting episode on “Bones” At the end of it, when one of the dogs had to be put down, I was crying on my couch while Bones talked about how humankind let down a dog that never asked for any of the pain and problems it received.  As the proud owner of two shelter dogs (one suffering from heartworm, she’s better now!) I was pretty emotional.


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