Posted by: mzbitca | September 26, 2008

Debate Drinking Games

Okay guys, Debates on Friday so I’m guessing that’s what a lot of us will be doing so, in the spirit of my college days:

The Debate Drinking Game:

1Drink When: Obama mentions change, hope, or his parents/grand parents
                       McCain mentions: 9/11, POW, Maverick, “my friends”, or being                       Naive
2 Drinks When: Either of them mention: Bi-partisan, reaching across the                                aisle, McCain does his little smirk, Obama uses 30 words                               when 10 will do

Chug your drink if: McCain loses his mind and tries to attack Obama,                                            Obama comes out an calls McCain a warmongering nut

Put any other suggestions in comments



  1. Don’t you just love politicians?

    Also, (for future reference) drink when either mentions Veterans Affairs, or when ever they have a two-year-old style argument (“did so!” “did not!” “did so!”).

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