Posted by: mzbitca | October 16, 2008

The subtleness of Tina Fey

So, our second season of 30 Rock came today and the husband and I immediately sat down to watch something like 8 episodes in a row immediately.  Not even ten minutes into the first episode and I remembered again why I love Tina Fey.

Alec Baldwin’s character finds out that Liz Lemon had broken up with her boyfriend and was not concerned about getting married. His response: “Lemon, a woman your age has a better chance of getting mauled at the zoo than getting married.” My husband and I both laughed but afterwards I turned to him and said:

“Anyone but Tina Fey and I would have written it off, but I am pretty sure that she remembers the false report from the 80s that a middle aged woman has a better chance of getting killed by a terrorist than getting married and that line is a direct shout out.”

I really hope I’m right.


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