Posted by: mzbitca | October 18, 2008

ummm I’m pretty sure this is rape.

One of my favorite random sites to pursue is Overheard in the Office and all it’s spin-offs. Occasionally there are exchanges that I find less than pleasant but this one officially takes the cake.


11AM Jeez, I Already Know How to Pass Out at Parties

Slutty waitress: My baby daughter is driving me insane!
Waiter: That’ll teach you to pass out at parties.
(slutty waitress glares, storms off)
Waiter, shrugging
: Well, it should.

Circle Centre Mall
Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: Shatmandu


There are many things to dissect here but they all boil down to rape apology. This whole exchange seems to imply that this girl was passed out somewhere and ended up pregnant.  Anybody with a sense of human decency should know that if someone’s passed out you should not have sex with them as they cannot give consent.  So in this passage we have the waiter claiming it is her fault that she has a child because she passed out at a party. Hear that, you shouldn’t have gotten so damn drunk so that someone guy could take advantage of you. Haven’t you read those emails the older ladies in your work send you about watching your drink and checking under your car. It’s obviously your fault and it’s obvious that no one will give you any sympathy. In fact, you are learning a lesson because everyone knows babies are supposed to be punishment if you engaged in reckless behavior like getting sexually assaulted against your will.

The second part that bugs me is her label as slutty waitress. Um…excuse me? So you hear an exchange which implies a women got pregnant after passing out at a party and you label slutty. umm no maybe sexual assault survivor And why does the guy get to be just waiter. Why not “insensitive misogynistic asshole waiter”?

The fact that someone heard this exchange and their immediate thought was to send it in to overheard in the office and that it was put up on a website as a funny conversation just shows how ingrained victim blaming in our culture is and it’s fucking disgusting.  But can we really be surprised with the new pepsi ads out there that shows two men bartering over the body of an unconscious women?



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