Posted by: mzbitca | October 19, 2008

Top 10 emotional moments in Buffy

10. Faith realizing she’s not happy about what she’s become (This Years Girl)

9. Willow Crying in the bathroom when she realizes Xander Slept with Faith (Consequences)

8. Buffy’s Speech to Dawn in Season Five finale The Gift

7. Buffy confront Giles about poisoning her in “Helpless” Season 3

6. Buffy crying after sending Angel to Hell in “Becoming Part 2”

5. Giles finding Jenny Calendar’s body in his bed (“Passion” Season 2)

4. Tara’s Death and Willow subsequent breakdown (before the killing)

3. Buffy finding out about the prophecy of her death in “Prophecy Girl” Season 1

2. Willow finding Oz and Veruca in the same cage in Season 4 “New Moon Rising”

1. The episode “The Body” in Season five. Especially when Buffy tells Dawn about Joyce’s Death.



  1. You forgot a really good one. In the last episode where ALL GIRLS WHO WOULD BE SLAYERS WILL BE SLAYERS!! Gave me goose bumps when I watched it, still does. Made me cry tears of joy. Hahaha, over a show. But an awesome show.

    In the episode before Buffy tells Dawn about Joyce’s death, the last minute of the episode, where Buffy just walks in the house and goes, “Mommy?” I knew her mom had died and I cried and cried and cried…haha, and then my husband and I both cried like babies during The Body

  2. How about in The Prom, when Jonathan read the speech from the prom committee and presented Buffy with an award? Gets me EVERY time!

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