Posted by: mzbitca | October 25, 2008

Pretty Awesome

Margaret and Helen is a blog run by Helen and 82 year old woman who was turned on to blogging as a way to share her life after her and her best friend moved away from each other.  She’s been blogging about the election lately and her post on the issue of the $150,000 in clothes for Gov. Palin is pretty much the best I’ve read so far.

What really gets my goat is that I could have put that same wardrobe together at JC Penny for about $300 with enough money left over for a piece of pie and coffee.  Are you telling me THAT is the best they could do with $150,000?   I know I’ve seen the same three outfits about a dozen times this week alone.  And when this is all over, it all goes to charity.  Well isn’t that just rich?   Don’t give them health insurance, give them designer clothing.  Honestly, only a Republican could have come up with that one.

Head over to her site to read the rest of it.



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