Posted by: mzbitca | November 6, 2008

My absence

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of posts again. This past month has been pretty crazy for me. We had a vacation to Las Vegas, work has been crazy, and my grandmother passed away.  Combine that with the election winding down and I just didn’t really have the time/energy/coherent thoughts to post much especially the last few weeks.  

I am actually relieved that the election is over. I can watch and research Obama’s cabinet positions calmly and stop worrying about the few conservatives in my office raving about teh scary black man.  I have been working on the same post for a week now and I’m hoping to wrap it up soon although I don’t know how well organized it will be. I’ll try and get back to regular posting soon.

Thanks for the patience and understanding and to Marcella for including me in the 58th Carnival against Sexual Violence


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