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I’m sorry, I almost choked on your victim blaming

“Twilight” Chapters 6-8

I’ll start off with the positive.  I enjoyed the conversation with Jacob and the mild attempt to create some type of vampire lore and mystical environment from the book……and that’s it.  That’s pretty much all I got and it’s mostly because Chapter 8 pissed me off so much.

The tragic and dramatic language used to  describe Bella’s mood when Edward isn’t around is annoying. “Spiraling downward in misery?” Seriously? The last time I spiraled anywhere it involved like 5 too many Bacardi and Diets and my toilet. (Yes I’m 25, why do you ask?).  However, annoying as it gets, she is a teenager so, yeah I remember once yelling about my life crashing down around me to my high school boyfriend. So my judgement is more on the bad writing than the character development.

My big problem is  that the entire theme of these past three chapters was getting the point across that girls should not be independent and are responsible for anything bad that happens to them.

Bella is definitely your ideal little lady, she is overly aware of her own limitations and never attempts to challenge them.  She moves slowly and precisely, avoids rough terrain, and basically never moves faster than a snail on valium.  Even walking through the forest near her house she won’t go off the trail because she “knows” she would get lost.  She is not a risk taker and she never once tries to push past the limits her personality & physicality  supposedly place on her.

However, the big issue is the trip that Bella takes to  another town with Jessica and Angela.  Instead of being a smart girl, and understanding her limitations, Bella goes off to find a bookstore. Of course, the book store she finds doesn’t meet her qualifications so she goes to find another one (I mean guys, she totally has what happens next coming: looking for another book store? Next thing you know she’s going to put on a short skirt and bend over, WITHOUT BENDING HER KNEES!). While out on this wild and crazy adventure of walking two blocks over, she becomes lost and ends up in a less nice area of town.  She’s trying to find her way back and passes four men.  Not much later and two of the men are behind her and end up herding her into a dark alley where the other two are waiting.  Bella prepares  to defend herself and even vows to take one of them down with her.  But wait! Vagina’s don’t defend themselves, they get lost and cower in fear so immediately a fast penis car races into the alley and Bella’s “perpetual saviour” helps her out.

Edward is apparently furious at her for having the audacity to be a female in the vicinity of jack asses and potential rapists and Bella is completely cowed about it and is responsible for distracting Edward so he doesn’t do anything wrong (because of course it is her responsibility to keep his dangerous urges in check).  He orders Bella to go out to dinner with him and she willingly blows off her friends.  They go to eat and when he tells her that she needs sugar and food she fights him, but, of course he’s right. The first drink of pop and she’s sucking it down.  Edward is apparently surprised she’s not in shock after what happened and that a “normal” person would be. (Read: most girls would have pissed themselves by now).  Bella starts to pry and gets Edward to admit to reading thoughts in a roundabout way and that he has been following her through her friends minds.  

Edward than tells Bella that he was wrong about her being accident prone and that she physically “attracts” trouble and that is why he likes her and can’t leave her alone. Because it’s her crazy ability to cause people to do horrible things to her and not the fact that maybe some people need to learn that they don’t have the right to kill or rape someone else.


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  1. The language used is my biggest problem!

    I was 17 once, I vaguely recall everything in the world seeming like it was a life ending/altering event of catastrophic proportions, and I also remember being so ga ga over a guy that my thoughts would always drift back…


    Her spiraling into misery and that “perpetual savior” bit was almost too much for me. It was an incredible machination meant to further this idea that Bella is a walking disaster who would cease to exist if not for some guy to come along and save her. Admittedly, I read his initial anger in this scene as a reaction to his ability to read her attackers’ thoughts and that being an animalistic instinct to fight. But that brings up another point, about how women are supposed to be gatekeepers of a man’s emotions and actions. Aren’t we told that we have to be the better ones and resist the eeeeviiiil temptations of the dirty dirty sex? Edward obviously just can’t help himself (hrmmmm where have I heard that before?), and now it is up to Bella, the guardian of morality to keep him from acting on those animal instincts.

    Why aren’t more men speaking up about Meyer’s portrayal of them? She obviously doesn’t think very highly of men, and finds women helpless (not surprising if you read her bio in the back of the book jacket).

    The scene where she was walking and talking w/ Jacob irritated me to no end, in that it really felt like Meyer was playing this whole “girls only get what they want b/c they are pretty” angle. Bella can get anything she wants, not because she is clever or smart or anything unique to her (as if there was anything unique to her, as even the flirting had to be modeled after Edward), but b/c she can apparently bat her eyes and “smolder” at Jacob, who is unaware that she is using him. *barf* Yes, men are stupid creatures who are helpless to the charming wiles of the female of their species and can’t possibly be expected to use good judgement.

    • @Ouyang: The whole flirting with Jacob thing did bother me as well and I really didn’t pick up on her using Edward’s moves either! Yeah everything she does is to see him and to learn more about him.. I would feel better about some of her actions if it was more about her seeking knowledge and less about her desperation just to think/talk/hear about him.

  2. Me too!


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