Posted by: mzbitca | December 17, 2008

Collection of Twilight annoyances

My week has been pretty crazy and the holidays are upon us. So I have been unable to collect my thoughts well enough for a full scale post. Instead I thought I’d just mention the little things in Twilight that have just pissed me off to no end.

1.  When Edward is describing his family and how they ALL found their life mate (One Man and One Women 4 LIFE couldn’t be mor eliteral) he talks about their concern that he hadn’t found someone they.  They were concerned that he had been “turned too soon” and that there was something wrong with him.  I think they might have been scared that he was TEH GAY!!!!!!111!!! And well we know how the Mormons Vampires feel about that whole thing.

2. Bella makes a joke that shows how she is very at ease with his vampire lifestyle but Edward doesn’t take it well. Even though Bella chides him she checks his eyes to “make sure she is forgiven”.  It is a small part but it sums up the dynamic of their relationship, Bella has her own personality but judges it based on Edward’s reaction.  She may say he’s over-reacting but if he stays mad at her than she was obviously in the wrong.

3.  Edwards constant annoyance at how easy going and unafraid she is of the vampire lifestyle.  Later in the book, her lack of taking him serious gets her into some big trouble and he gets frustrated that she doesn’t seem to understand how dangerous they all are.  Apparently Bella is supposed to be intimidated and scared in the face of vampires and her lack of fear seems a direct upfront to him.  Perhaps it is challenging his belief that he should be the protector of the fragile human child.  

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  1. Yay for your Twilight posts 😀

    Seriously, reading numbers 2 and 3, I can’t understand how people can defend the series as totally not being about abusive relationship. If she has to moderate whatever she says and check to make sure that he’s not really angry at her, it’s a very worrying sign.

    Normalising signs of an abusive relationship by romanticising the dynamics is really just ….argh. In real life, the ‘barely able to control himself’ partner who just wants to ‘protect’ her from herself won’t be able to keep his temper forever. And real life doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after.

    And what is up with him wishing she was more afraid of him? What kind of a wish is that to have for a partner? Apart from showing some of Edward’s self loathing, it just doesn’t make any sense. If he’s so dangerous, why would he punish the woman he loves by being with her, and putting her in constant danger? Is this all one big power trip for him? So he can play at denying his vampiric urges and protecting someone and controlling them? One thing’s for sure, a healthy or desirable relationship this is not. Actually, this kind of reminds me of some men who talk about how fragile women are, and how powerful they feel that when they’re with a woman she must really trust them because they are so much more powerful than her and all that…It’s just creepy.

    And as for 1…I always had the idea that if I were to write about a long lived species, they’d have more than one lover. Maybe at once, maybe serial monogamy, maybe long periods of time with no love life. It just seems so weird, the idea of eternity with one person, that neither would change, or that both would change and still be with each other. And of course, that not everybody HAS to be heterosexual. Especially if people lived for a loooooooong time, you’d think they might try something new, or discover that they also like the same gender or something. I guess my idea of eternity would have to be more fun than ‘meet one person immediately and be with them forever and ever and ever’. Yes, it’s a nice idea based on our human timeframe (and rarely achievable even then), but I just can’t see it practicable for eternity. There just doesn’t seem to be anything really innovative or thoughtful about the world of the novels, if so little thought has been given to how the vampires actually exist.

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