Posted by: mzbitca | January 16, 2009

This is the reason Sarah Palin is not a good person

hey peeps.

It’s been awhile.  My husband’s grandmother is really sick right now so we’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern for the last week waiting to see if we will have to head down to southern Alabama when it’s necessary.  Add that to me being a horrible professor and not having any lectures done ahead of time like I planned to do and you can imagine my past week.

However, I didn’t want to go too long without posting and lose the few committed readers I have.  So I just thought I’d bring something to attention that I just found out about when I wandered over to the Mudflats

They are experiencing a huge gas shortage in their northern counties where families are choosing between feeding their families or keeping their house warm.  Gas could be approaching $11 a gallon out there if they get anymore supplies up there so it’s not something that is easy and affordable to stock up on.

This whole process is horrible and scary and it makes me sad that we haven’t heard about it.  The worst part of the whole situaion is that their Gov. , you might have heard of her,  Sarah Palin, has been virtually silent on the whole situation.  She has set up a committee that has no set date for a meeting to talk about thinking about planning on someday solving the problem.  But don’t worry everyone, she has plenty of times to complain about bloggers and Katie Couric and make documentaries but not a spare five minutes to mention once the hardship her state is going through.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about the situations or donating money to help provide food for some of the struggling familes check out Mudflats where they have been blogging the whole process



  1. Thank you for the link from Mudflats. I am just another anonymous blogger at Mudflats. I am so damn proud of us ’bout now. I admit to have been kinda embarrassed about my obsessive blogging since this past election and campaign. I have a busy life, and really no extra time, but hey, who needs sleep? This “enables” me big time!

    Are you as deeply offended by this woman’s (y’know, That One, SWWMBN) claim to represent us? By us, I mean women who think? If you want to see something really scary, check out


  2. Just wow…and paint me not surprised that she can not seem to prioritize anything WRT her actual job.

    I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

  3. This from the same governor who had time to complain right after the election that she just wasn’t prepared for all of the sexism on the national stage because “you see equality in Alaska”, while completely ignoring the way-higher-than-the-national-average rates of rape and domestic violence in her state. Charming.

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