Posted by: mzbitca | January 23, 2009

Sounds promising to me

I’ve been hearing a lot about this whole stimulus package that Obama has planned but was unsure what was in it other than jobs for the infrastructure.  Judging from Minority leader, Boehner’s statement though it sounds like it has something in it for the ladies’.  Mainly access to things that make our lives safer and easier.  Otherwise known as proper access to contraceptives and other reproductive options.



QUESTION: Mr. Boehner, you had three strong words in reaction to the Democratic House proposal.  What was your message to President Obama?


HOUSE REPUBLICAN LEADER JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH): You know, I’m concerned about the size of the package and I’m concerned about some of the spending that’s in there. How you can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives – how does that stimulate the economy?

I love that he can’t make the connection between women being able to plan their pregnancies and helping the economy.  Let’s see, that’s less maternity leave, less of a financial strain on families so they won’t have as much difficulty paying their bills, less abortions (the republicans don’t like those, right?) and, oh yeah, less pregnant teens which means more opportunities for them to get higher education and  perhaps come to the aid of society.  Also, less STDs, which means less medical needs and bills.



  1. I wish stupid hurt as much as a pregnancy gone wrong.

    Maybe then they would see why this was important.

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