Posted by: mzbitca | January 27, 2009

Why we’re not in a post-racial world.

It’s pretty simple really.  In a post-racial world, a story like this  would not be relegated to 3 small paragraphs.  

It wouldn’t do to pay attention to this story while everyone is supposed to be feeling good about Obama’s presidency.  The fact that this happened on the same day as his election underscores what so many of us know and have been trying to say.  Racism has NOT disappeared, it is still going strong and our country would be better if we didn’t delegate stories like this to miniscule updates while our news stations continue to act like the only violence in America is committed by POC.



  1. I had not even heard about this event. It seems daily the violence aimed at POC since the election has escalated. I simply do not understand how it is possible in the face of all of this violence to legitmately claim that we are in a post racial world. If anything whiteness has gone into over drive to protect its unearned privileges.

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