Posted by: mzbitca | January 28, 2009

I had a thought

I love the TV show The Office.  I think it’s funny and relevant and the actors all have great chemistry and well developed sense of who their character is. I also think it has a habit of mishandling the females that it gives more than side screen time too which I’ve already blogged about here, and am planning on doing again soon.

Yesterday I was watching the episode where Scranton and Stanford merge and Michael comments on Karen Phillipelli being “exotic looking”.  Later on it is stated that she’s Italian.  Here’s my thought:

                                                                                                                                                         Rashida Jones is Quincy Jones’ daughter and she is obviously bi-racial.  The writers of the Office have never shied away from race as a way  to expose Michael for being a privileged, racist idiot so why blatantly ignore this part of her identity?  I really hope it’s not because minorities are for the bit players but the g/f of office heartthrob Jim Halpert (who is also kind of an entitled ass Nice Guy).




  1. I also love The Office!

    My thought on this issue of Rashida Jones is that it just wasn’t part of Karen’s arc. “The Office” has good characters, I agree, but they don’t tend to be very complex. Karen was supposed to be rational, I think. She already stood out from the rest of the office by never playing into Michael’s antics and by not necessarily always going along with Jim, a sort of “anti-Pam.” Even if they had explored her race more, I think would have been sort of forced, since Karen probably wouldn’t have let it into the office after witnessing the early awkward behavior in the Scranton branch.

    Oh dear. Jim is a Nice Guy ™? I’m not sure I agree with that, but I’m looking forward to another post on this topic!

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