Posted by: mzbitca | February 3, 2009

One more step backward…

The husband and I just saw “Milk” in the theater the other day and it sparked some good conversation and the ever expanding awareness of what it means to be gay in our country that is necessary to stay an Ally.  My husband made the comment about when this struggle will be in history books as he has never heard anything about it and I reminded him that 1. the fight is still going on, 2. close minded people will completely freak out if anyone even attempt to include it in a history book and 3.  Prop 8 should have showed us how far away our country really is as far as gay rights is concerned just like our unabashed rape culture and hate crimes against African Americans after Obama was elected prove how much we are NOT post racist and post feminist.

I already had tied some of what was shown in Milk to present day, what with Prop 6 in the movie and Prop 8 in real life.  Also, the massive amounts of bills across the country that terminated gay rights in the 70s just happened again in our recent election in places like Florida and Arkansas.

Today the similarities just got even stronger.

Anger is building against the police department in the wake of an increase in arrests of gay men for prostitution at Manhattan adult video stores. Last week, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined in the outcry. She said she is working with the mayor’s office and commanders of the police department to set up a meeting that will include gay community groups “to get to the bottom of this.”

The arrests have been documented by Duncan Osborne of the Gay City News over the last several months. Police are allegedly using handsome young undercover cops to cruise middle-aged gay men, offering to go home with them for consensual sex. As they leave the store together, the cop offers to pay the man for the sex, confusing the victims who can’t imagine why the younger man would make such a proposal. Then, as they walk out of the store, the victim, despite never having agreed to any exchange of money, is surrounded by undercover cops, handcuffed and charged with prostitution.

Gay activists and civil libertarians see the arrests as part of a continuing effort to shut down porn operations in the city and a tendency by the police department to criminalize gay sexual behavior.

I think when they “get to the bottom of this” what they’ll find his homophobia and ignorance that is determined to other and demonize others sexual identity.  The fact that police resources and time is even being devoted to this blows my mind.  Sure it’s an easy arrest, fuck someone over, keep your quota up.  Meanwhile the trafficked women from other countries are left to live in fear because they are afraid of both their pimps and the United States gov’t.  Slow clap anyone?  anyone??? Bueller??

This has been said many times but Gay Rights are not an “issue” they are human rights plain and simple.  When we refuse to grant equality we make it easier for things like this to occur.  I don’t see them going into any bars near college campuses and arresting heterosexual frat boys for prostitution? Nope, must go get the gays and all their deviant sex.  

h/t: quizlaw


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