Posted by: mzbitca | February 26, 2009

Top Five Susan Moments

When it comes to mindless entertainment I will always have a special place in my heart for friends.  It was what my friends in college and I would watch on hungover Sundays…and Mondays…and Tuesdays.. (I partied A LOT). I always loved the characters of Carol and Susan and their relationship together.  I felt it was not very exploitative and the heartwarming episode where they get married was pretty fucking awesome.  Especially because, when Carol’s parents refused to come,  Ross called them out for being narrow minded and cruel.  So, since I’ve been a horrible blog mistress lately and am still dealing with motivation issues I decided to post my top five favorite Susan moments.

5.  “What about me, there’s Fathers Day, there’s Mother’s Day, there’s not Lesbian Lover Day!”

4. “Don’t look so surprised, I’m a lovely person.”

3. “Yeah, we leave all our big decisions to the three year old.”

2. Ross: “you’ve tasted it, you’ve tasted it?  Oh, you’ve tasted it.”
     Susan: “You can keep saying that but it won’t make it not true”
           -Discussing Carol’s breast milk

1. Ross: “You sure have a lot of books on being a lesbian.”
    Susan: “Well you have to take a class…otherwise they don’t let you do it.”



  1. Funny, my most memorable “Friends” line is the one right after that first one: “EVERY day is Lesbian lover day!”

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