Posted by: mzbitca | March 17, 2009

Obama appoints Indiana Judge for US Appeals court

Obama has appointed an Indiana Judge to the US Appeals Court

Hamilton has issued controversial rulings on abortion and prayer, but was reversed by the appellate court where he will serve if confirmed.

In 2005, he banned the Indiana House of Representatives’ practice of opening the chamber’s business with sectarian prayers. Hamilton, the son of a United Methodist minister, ruled that prayers mentioning Jesus Christ or using terms such as savior amounted to state endorsement of a religion. The circuit court later overturned the ruling.

In 2003, he struck down part of an Indiana law requiring abortion clinics to give women information about alternatives to abortion in the presence of a physician or nurse 18 hours before the procedure. The 7th Circuit court also reversed that decision.

Hmm.  SO he’s voted for seperation of church and state and against treating women like they are too weak and stupid to make a decision about their body

Of course, what sounds good to me sounds bad to at least one person

” If he is backed by Lugar, he can’t be any good. this will be trouble in the long run and will most likely result in police officers inside the jails, criminals running in the streets, dead babies everywhere and the green light to Lake county politicians”



  1. Dogs and cats living together….. Mass Hysteria!!!!

  2. Dead babies everywhere? Sounds like we need to get ready to make DONUTS!! ^_^

  3. llencelyn
    I know, the whole time I just kept thinking. It’s like what we joke around about on Shakesville only he’s serious and he apparently doesn’t realize that a lot of the “criminals” have been running things already

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