Posted by: mzbitca | March 23, 2009

Here we go again

Courtney just posted on the NYT article about four powerful female directors and their close friendship.  I thought it was a good article as it got these women’s names and their movies out there and that she also acknowledged that our work is not down because once again, when female advancement is given, it is often given to white women.

There are a lot of exciting things about these four women, who have given us solid (though flawed) films and television with a feminist sensibility: Juno, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist,The United States of Tara, and lots of upcoming projects that I look forward to seeing. At a time when it seems like testosterone poisoned action flicks and sticky sweet, unoriginal romcoms are the movies that get the money, it’s critical that screenwriters like these get interesting, complex female characters onto the big screen.

But what’s even more thrilling is that they’re unapologetically supportive of one another and being recognized for it. Young women in their position are often pitted against one another, deluged with a psychology of deprivation by agents, producers, and mentors who urge them to look out for themselves, first and foremost, in the competitive LA landscape where there are very few spots for women writers. These women are bucking the conventional wisdom of dog-eat-dog and banding together to share the wealth, the networks, and yes, the alcohol.

What would make it ever more thrilling would be if they weren’t all white and/or if they managed to claim their feminism more openly. It’s clear that they’re all down for the cause, so it would be even more lovely to hear them assert that far and wide, and make sure its reflected even more resolutely in their work

Of course, what’s the once section people picked up on to complain about.  The one that suggests that white women have an advantage. 

Much like this newspaper article, where a comment ignores the different examples of racial hatred, and instead focuses on the use of the descriptive term white boy to declare a racial slur, white feminists miss the forest for the trees by complaining about something that is nothing more than a statement of fact and try to twist it that people are saying these white women don’t deserve credit or that they would be overshadowed by minorities.  Please, feminism/womanism is a big tent people, or at least it should be.  What is so horrible about a feminist acknowledging the success of women but still reminding us that true equality can never be achieved unless our sisters of color are standing there besides us on equal footing.


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