Posted by: mzbitca | April 8, 2009

It’s more important to objectify women than to be practical

It is relatively obvious that we live in a world where women’s bodies are used to sell items.  Look at any feminist blog and you will see something about objectification and how prevalent it is in our society.  Of course, the best way to objectify a women is to take away all humanizing characteristics like a face and any semblance of dignity.  That is why we get things like this and this and this.

The thing about these products are that they are created with really only one thingfail-owned-sink-design-fail in mind: The “average” able-bodied male.  Not only are women not worthy of respect and dignity but these products they hoist on society are basically saying there is only one type of person that matters.  No one else fits into their little scheme of the world.  As this picture shows, some of their products are completely pointless and absolutely useless/insulting to a majority of the population.  Only the Patriarchy, with its “ideal man” can get away with marketing products that are completely unaccesible to over half of the population, because as far as they are concerned, they are the population, the rest of us just hang out in their little world



  1. Yup. That’s right.

  2. I saw this on failblog and my jaw dropped. thankfully, it was posted as a fail, but as many of the comments refute, many “dudez” see it as a win. ugh.

  3. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  4. Feminism is about equality, right? Not just some shrill, myopically self-interested power grab under the cover of claims of “oppression?” Of course– equality and social justice all the way. And your obsessive navel-gazing about the minutia of popular culture has probably at least touched upon the multitude of commercials that feature an incongruously attractive wife or girlfriend rescuing a boorish, dull, incompetent male from his own ineptitude with the help of the product being advertised. So why, then, the exclusive focus on the contrived harm of “objectification?” The uninterrupted stream of jeering degradation of men in the Western media is pretty dehumanizing too, and I’m confident your feminist commitment to equality allows for some small measure of outrage on behalf of social groups that aren’t yours.

    Or hey, if that’s too much to ask (and it sure seems to be, judging by the silly fixations of modern feminism, e.g., “Male Gaze”) then maybe you could be bothered to address endemic patterns of actual institutionalized violence and subjugation to which women in undeveloped societies are exposed. Surely the lofty goal of social justice is worth taking the time out of your life to look farther than Youtube, NBC, and Lifetime in search of opportunities to crusade against the Patriarchy, right?

    • haha wow can you get more pretentious. I write about other things in this blog but way to fixate on one post since you ignore my posts about everything else. Such as the rape that immigrant women endure while trying to cross the border, homophobic bullying and it’s horrifying resutls and other suck things.

      I also love how you think “objectification” is something not worth focusing on and you assume that I approve of they way males are presented just because I didn’t write about it.

      you know what forget all i have to say is


  5. Oooh, moderated comments! More of the much-touted courageousness of brave female pioneers in this male-dominated world of ours. I’m sure this criticism will get plenty of attention and rigorous debate.

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