Posted by: mzbitca | April 11, 2009


Today, as I was walking into CVS, two older men outside said to me “Young lady, please consider us on your way out.” Thinking they were hitting on me, I rolled my eyes and said “Screw you.” When I walked back outside, I realized they were asking for AIDS donations. FML


The post itself doesn’t really appear to be much but what I thought was telling was the comments and the fact that 14,102 (at the time I’m writing this) gave her a you deserved that one.  On the surface it might be understandable.  She was asked a question, gave a rude response and found out later they were not who she thought.  However,  in our society, it is just not as simple as all of that.  The average experience of a woman in our society is one where they are considered public property to comment on and have their personal space invaded no matter where they are.  I have been followed on foot and in cars, everywhere from Chicago to the mall near my house.  I have had men make one-time offensive comments to me, start off with polite conversation and get inappropriate quickly and surprisingly.  I am uncomfortable whenever any male makes a comment to me without any signs of acknowledgment on my part.  The way this woman reacted would be completely ridiculous, except if she lives even slightly the same experience I and many of my friends live, it sounds just about right.



  1. I feel ya.

  2. I agree with you 100%. How can we not act defensively when we live in a rape culture, and are constantly devalued. Reacting to protect yourself is something that you learn to do because for so many men simply walking down the street is license for them to let fly a stream of ignorant troll like commentary. Even when they are not verbal how many women can attest to men looking at them and stripping them with their eyes. I remember last summer I was in a cab with my 7 and 3 year old son and the driver was practically drooling at my breasts….seriously WTF in front of my children. This kind of thing happens all of the time and then we are expected not to get hostile. To me the deal is when men stop acting like assess women will stop behaving defensively.

  3. You said it Renee.

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