Posted by: mzbitca | April 15, 2009

Sorry girls, he’s just not that into you.

I have to admit that i was an American Idol Junkie way before Adam Lamber came along but he is just the icing on the cake this season.  Although I also love Allison, Anoop and slightly Kris.  I have spent undisclosed amounts of time looking up Adam Lambert’s videos on youtubes and have fun into an interesting phenomenon as far as the comments go.  They are often filled with tons of girls writing things like “I’m sure he’s bisexual”, “I can make him like girls” etc etc etc.

I was wondering about this and I can’t help but feel it’s in relation to a combination of how overtly sexual Adam is and also that he is openly gay.  Idol has always been relatively squeemish about gay contestants and as one of the recappers at TWOP who is also gay stated.  Adam is adult homosexual sexuality, not the teenaged finding yourself version that Idol has been more likely to showcase like with Danny Norreiga.  Adam goes on stage, grabs his crouch and sexuality and sexual desire just pours out at him.  I honestly feel that a lot of girls/women are having a hard time with an adult male, singing and acting sexual and knowing that he has absolutely no interest in them.  It is a break from the heternormative method of Idol: boys singing to girls and vice versa even to the point of changing lyrics.  

Adam is different than someone like NPH and Clay Aiken in many ways because while they often play characters in TV shows and on Broadway which often times refocuses their sexual energy, such as with Barney on How I Met Your Mother, Adam is being himself, being sexual, and totally not interested in any of the girls squealing in the front row and the girls are having a hard time handling it.  



  1. I love, love, love Adam Lambert. Not only is his voice out of this world amazing, I love that he is so comfortable in his own skin. I think that it is about time that people face the fact that all kinds of sexuality should be openly displayed and not pitch a fit when it does not apply to them. I have wondered how the little teeny boppers have been dealing with the rejection this by this years star. That whole he must be bisexual thing is nonsense.

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