Posted by: mzbitca | April 17, 2009

Day of Silence



Today is a Day of Silence to stand in solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters who have been silenced over the years.  It is a sobering time with the trial of the murder of Angie Zapata as well as the recent suicide of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoove

On this day, I thought back to my time in high school.  I was decidedly less open minded at that time and although I would have said I was “for” gay rights I would have never thought about any of my fellow peers and whether or not they were dealing with trying to come out.  I remember the taunts of “gay” and “lesbian” that were thrown around.  I remember finding it stupid that two girls that were friends couldn’t go to prom together without ever realizing that rule was in place to stop same-sex couples from enjoying a very seminal “high school” moment.  I never once considered what some of my fellow students might have been going through, as they walked the same halls and heard those same taunts and were aware of those same rules and realized that who they truly were was someone who was not accepted.  

After facebook and myspace became popular, me and one of my friends spent time looking up people from high school and saw how many that identified as gay or bisexual now that they were out of high school.  I was still too privileged to realize what that said about our high school and our culture but now I realize.  My fellow peers went through their 4 years in silence because they couldn’t be truthful because there was nothing surrounding them that said their truth would be heard and understood.


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