Posted by: mzbitca | April 21, 2009

Change of plans

I was going to write this post about the bar in Peoria, IL who wrote on a sign that they were NOT a Gay Bar in order to decrease tensions due to sheltered bigots not being able to handle two lesbians holding hands while they were busy getting drunk and trying to score.   However,  there are other, more pressing concerns and they involve two young boys who will now never be able to get their license or even go to high school.

11 yr old Jaheem Herrera and 11 yr old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoove are dead by their own hands but they were guided by the sad and disgusting world we live in.  A world where money is poured into moronic videos comparing gay marriage to a tumultuous weather pattern and where a Texas beauty queen can be upset that telling a gay man to his face on national TV that he doesn’t deserve equal rights means she may have lost the crown.  The anti-gay agenda trades in metaphors and shadows and sugary sweet spokesmodels but what they send out into the world is ugly and dangerous and does more damage than they will ever be willing to admit. 

This students were relentlessly teased and bullied about being “gay” and the parents knew and informed the school.  NOthing was done because “kids will be kids”, “Kids will bully.”  I agree with both of those sentences, kids will be kids and they will bully but that does not mean that teachers and other adults need to stand in silent acceptance of what is going on in front of them.  They are allowing kids to harm each other, to solidfy thoughts and feelings of hates for entire groups of people and they don’t think they shouldn’t SAY SOMETHING?  It’s not rocket science, it’s fucking human decency.  One person’s possible or true identity should never be used as a verbal or emotional attack against them.  What these teachers stood by and let happen was that a child continuely got beat into his head by his peers that he was viewed as gay and that mean horrible and evil and no future.  It meant that an 11 year old boy at a point in his mental state where he thought death was preferrable than being bullied or perceived as gay. 

I thought the anti-gay agenda was sent to protect our youth? To me it looks like they’re just handing them pretty effective bullets.


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