Posted by: mzbitca | April 27, 2009

PETA: No better than Michelle Malkin

Obviously, the whole fear of swine flu has been escalating slowly and steadily over the past, basically one day but it’s out there and much like some our more disgusting republican friends my favorite animal rights group was quick to capitalize on it:


You see what the republicans PETA has done here.  They’ve taken an illness that has killed many and is creating stress and fear across the world and used it to their advantage.  They want you to know this is our fault for allowing illegal immigrants eating meat and they are not above beating you over the head with how they are “right”. You see, what is the suffering of others if not something to be used to inspire hate and push an agenda. it’s not about the people it’s about making a point.  Because the republicans PETA don’t care about all people equally, only those that adhere to their strict moral code dietary regulations.  See who cares about some poor brown people.  They don’t truly count, they’re not white, able-bodied  American’s, they don’t live by our standards and exist as nothing more than something to be feared or to be looked down.



  1. It is not the fault of meat-eating per se, but IT IS THE FAULT OF FACTORY FARMING. And people need to understand this and put an END TO IT.

    And I don’t like PETA either, and I’ve trashed them a number of times on my own blog… but I am utterly furious that the mainstream media is ignoring the greedhead-meat industry’s role in this fiasco.

    • I totally agree in response to factory farming. I believe it’s being linked to farm that has connections to a company in the US as well.

      My issue with PETA is that they go for the shocker at the expense of others.

  2. This post is fucking awesome. love it.

  3. I think enicholson was the only one who got it…

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