Posted by: mzbitca | April 29, 2009

Recommended reading

For the last forty years or more, the party of the man who called upon the angels of our better nature has been surviving and thriving by deliberately appealing to the demons of people’s worst instincts.

Fear-mongering, hate-mongering, war-mongering, invitations to paranoia, envy, and self-pity, anti-intellectualism, know-nothing-ism, incitements to apocalyptic and eliminationist thinking, these have been the blood and muscle of Republican rhetoric for decades.  And none of it has been an appeal to Americans’ supposedly innate conservativism.  It’s not conservative at all.  It’s Right Wing, extremist, reactionaryism that tempts people into thinking of themselves as victims of a conspiracy of Others, named and unnamed.


Go read the rest, it’s fucking awesome.


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