Posted by: mzbitca | May 1, 2009

Looking at from a different angle.

So, once again transgender rights are thrown right in the shitter in our legislative sytem.  The New Hampshire senate and House of Representatives voted against a law that would make it illegal to discriminate on housing and  employment.  Not only did it not pass but a Senate committe voted 5-0 to recommend that the bill be killed unanimously. 

The usual tactics were used to to distract from the point of the bill.  Mainly the whole “think of the children!” line that focuses on bathrooms and dressing rooms and sexual predators.  So basically, lies and bullshit were used to deny others rights as is per the usual when it comes to throwing the transgender community under the bus to further other aims.

ETA: The New Hampshire legislature also agreed to allow same-sex marriage in their state, although there is a likelihood that the Gov. will veto it.

Disclaimer: I was thinking about how to write about the stories coming out of New Hampshire with so many people writing about it.  So, I basically decided to highlight the issues in the opposite way than most of the big feminist blogs.  Mainly, I feel that the bigger story in this situation is that, even as the GLB movement is making steady progress the T community continues to be sacrificed to the cause and as a women and a liberal I am to used to my issues being “sacrificed” for bipartisanship to allow myself to do that same.



  1. Thank you for highlighting that aspect. I had no idea from the usual celebratory posts.

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