Posted by: mzbitca | May 13, 2009

Things that make me happy

 A fifth grader who asks her school therapist if she can help her put together a presentation for her class.

Her reason: She feels like her and her fellow peers are under so much pressure to be sexy and beautiful that they are not enjoying their childhood.  “We’re 11 we should not have to worry about putting make up on before we leave the house.” 

Bonus:  She was not coming from a judgemental place but rather a concern about societies expectations and how they are unrealistic and she made her own powerpoint.

Female Empowerment: It’s alive and thriving.



  1. […] says that young feminists don’t do jack shit? 13 05 2009 A brief story on a fifth grade girl who asked her school therapist if she could help her make a powerpoint […]

  2. This is what we, feminist parents, are hoping to see as our young children begin to cut their teeth into the tween and teen years.

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