Posted by: mzbitca | May 18, 2009

Okay, Seriously Pro-Choice, people.

Here’s the deal. I believe in Choice and the ability for a woman to control her body and what she does with it.

That means that I will support a woman or trans man’s right to have a baby at any time and in any way that does not involve breaking laws.

No matter how old they are.
No matter how young they are.
No matter their economic status
No matter the size of their family
No matter the manner of fertilization
No matter their sexual orientation
No matter their race
No matter if they have a disability
No matter if they are addicted to drugs
No matter if they are mentally ill.

Because I am Pro-Choice and to act like the only choice that matters is the one that I would make or that I think makes sense from my limited and privileged worldview is arrogant and makes me anti-choice.  If we consistently argue that people should trust women and their decision to abort and stress that we should not assume that they did not think it through then why would we assume someone who chooses to have a baby has not made a thoughtful decision.  Could it be that perhaps we have bought into the sexist belief that women are just crazed baby-makers.

Every child that comes into this world runs the risks, some may have higher risks than others due to their parents, but since we don’t live in a world that controls who can reproduce and I sure as hell don’t want to then why don’t we all SHUT THE FUCK UP and actually do what we say we do: TRUST WOMEN WITH THEIR OWN BODIES.



  1. Professor Severino Antinori: ‘Mother-to-be too old at 66’: This story appeared in the Times Online. I was wondering your thoughts on it given the nature of this post. I know you said no matter age or method but this steps outside the bounds of what we would consider “normal”.

    • that is what spurred this one. I agree that it can be medically dangerous and I have no problem with a doctor saying “this wouldn’t be my choice and here’s why but it’s her decision” among collegues and friends, I have issues with him peddling it to the media because it serves no purpose but to shame her. He should reply that she’s not his patient so he has no comment on her situation and maybe give what he thinks the “medically appropriate” age range.

      Also, his theory that she might die is specious because any mother can die while their child is young. Her decision may not make sense to me but it’s not my opinion or choice that matters, it’s hers

  2. Big fat farkin’ WORD.

  3. I’m curious- why the caveat about not breaking laws? I’m not sure if that’s meant to exclude cases like women stealing embryos from a fertility clinic or women raping men in order to get pregnant or what. Feel free to ignore or delete if this is too much of a derail but I was not clear why you would want to specify that the law is a determining factor here, when it probably wouldn’t be if you were talking about a woman’s right to abort her pregnancy (e.g. I imagine you support the actions of Women On Waves to provide safe abortions to women in countries where they’re illegal).

    • JessSnark,

      The part about law was based on things such as rape or theft of embryos or sperm. I fully agree that with the Actions of Women On Waves as I believe that Abortion is a human right and no one should be denied that right.

  4. Co-signed.

  5. God, thank you. This is fantastic. I had an abortion a year ago, and am just so OVER the pro-choice movement (at a time in my life when I feel as though I should be at my most supportive), because I feel like the pro-choice movement doesn’t LIKE women me–I was married when I found out I was pregnant; I was healthy; I was not raped; I did not have any other children; I wasn’t still in school; I had a job; I was in my mid-20s. I feel like I’m the kind of person who “should” have had a baby. Meanwhile, the pro-choice movement constantly emphasizes women who were raped, women who are in poverty, women who have major health issues, etc etc., not women like me who simply did not want to have a child. I am sick of feeling as though I have to justify my decision to those who supposedly should support me.

    • I’m really sorry you feel that way about the Pro-choice movement. I think that there is an issue where people find those abortions the most “defensible” so they use them when in reality a choice is a choice and there should be no judging and if someone can’t handle that, then it’s their problem, not our job to make the concept more palatable for them.

  6. *applause*

    Thank you. I’ve had a bit too much exposure to the “mentally ill people shouldn’t breed” line of thought recently.

  7. my body, my mind; this is ego talking , not spirit, who you are.

    • Except it’s not. My spirit is connected to my body and my mind and my spirit is sadden by someone trying to control another person’s body

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