Posted by: mzbitca | June 7, 2009

Silly women, vagina’s are for babies

Hz5vQshJaoe5xdkdfiG9gN09o1_400 Happy The Pill Kills Day!  Remember, ladies, life begins when the anti-choice movement says it does (science and legal rights be damned) and yours officially stops the minute you start bleeding out your shame cave and therefore may possibly be pregnant.

You have been told that the pill is currently  the most effective method you currently have to keep some semblance of control over your reproductive rights. Well sorry ladies, but it has been decided by those on the Religious Right that this also MURDER  What’s that you say? You’re on it because it helps balance out your hormones. Doesn’t matter, somewhere there is a magical sperm that is looking for your ovary and you have no right to deny it entrance into your body and the power to change your entire life FOREVER!  Oh, you’re married and have kids but don’t want to have anymore? Too bad, I don’t care if you have no room for, or can’t afford anymore kids, do your damn duty and squirt some little innocent babies out (just don’t expect our help when you couldn’t plan your family well enough and are struggling)

So remember ladies, there is nothing that we God hates more than a woman having control over when she reproduces, except gays.  The Pill Kills and you will go to hell.  Have a great day, see you at church.



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  2. Great post. I live in the Bible Belt right now (Mississippi) and I have NEVER been the only feminist.. until now!! 🙂 Thank God for people like you guys! KEEP IT UP!!!

  3. Nice job not actually addressing the argument and instead attacking a strawman.

    The idea is that one of the methods the pill uses is altering the uterine lining, which could prevent implantation.

    Now, there’s not really much evidence for this and there is not agreement on it, so drawing a moral conclusion is a little premature.

  4. At first I bristled at the pic used to illustrate this short article. Thinking a little further, I realised it says “imaginary” babies. So maybe this was not intended to rail against women who take the pill, but against those who would ban it.

  5. While I’m sure there are some Christians who believe this, opinions about reproductive rights vary within each denomination and among individual Christians. It could be argued that I’m part of the “Religious Right,” and yet I (and most of my friends) have taken the pill for years and would never mock or condemn others who do. Most Christians are strongly in favor of reproductive responsibility. It seems that you’ve had some negative experiences with Christians in the past, and I am very sorry for that.

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