Posted by: mzbitca | June 18, 2009

IF you have any information..

doc1df2432573dbcb8f862575d9000e86c43Tuesday night  two-year old girl, Jada Justice went missing in Gary, Indiana.  She was waiting in a car at a gas station when her cousin ran in to get milk.  When her cousin came out she was missing.  The FBI and area police departments have been searching for her.  Unfortunately, she does not “qualify” for an Amber Alert since there is no vehicle or suspect description.  This means that people may not be as aware of her disappearance.  If you live in the area and see Jada please call 911



  1. Gah! I posted this on Facebook because I am not blogging much right now, and it didn’t take long for someone to come along and say “well, who leaves a 2 year old alone in a car”…

    Seriously, because that rotten person deserved to have their kid stolen.


    I can not count the number of times that I, having a sleeping baby in a car not wanting to wake her, or only having two hands and needing milk from the gas station, have bolted into and out of the gas station, car running, to pay for gas or grab what I needed. I think it is safe to say that it is pretty common, and possibly doubly so for single parents. Maybe it makes us bad people, though I certainly don’t think so, but it does not mean that we deserve to have our children stolen.

    Plus, how on Earth is it productive to blame a victim who has had their child stolen and not the ass hats who stole the child? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, if only that slutty girl hadn’t worn that skirt/drank that drink/walked alone at night she wouldn’t have gotten raped.

    Same thing. The difference between me and the cousin who was with little Jada when she was stolen is the presence of a jerk who steals kids.

  2. i didn’t realize there were rules about who “qualifies” for an amber alert. i wonder if Amber Hagerman’s parents know that it’s being restricted this way?

    • here’s the link to the OJP that oversees Amber Alerts. I just sent them a question about this. Maybe if enough people hit them with it, they’ll make some changes.

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