Posted by: mzbitca | June 27, 2009

FML Fail: Fatties can’t have orgasms

Today, I was in line at a checkout. I have quite a few facial piercings and 1/2″ gauges in my ears. The very heavy cashier asks how big my gauges are and then starts telling me about how she recently got her clitoris pierced and how sometimes she has orgasms behind the register. FML


Here’s the deal with this FML.  In ordinary situations, I’d prefer complete strangers not to tell me about the state of their genitals.  Nothing personal it’s just, you know, what do you say to that? So my problem is not that the person who wrote this was uncomfortable with that information, it was the inclusion of “very heavy” that pissed me off.  Somehow, because this woman was considered overweight she had even less right talking about her body than a thin woman.  If you read the comments you’ll see this is the track taken by most, although a few brave souls are calling out the fatphobia.  Comments consistently reinforce that the fact that was women was very heavy is the reason this is a valid FML.  Not the TMI, but the TMI combined with the fact that the woman had a body that much of our society would like to think was completely and totally unsexual.



  1. As a fat lady myself..i consider this very insulting myself too.

  2. I agree. If she were an altogether different person–say, a ‘hottie’, it wouldn’t even be in FML.

  3. Society deems it acceptable to make fun of overweight people. Discrimination towards larger people is everywhere. It’s sad. I don’t even see why that was posted on FML it wasn’t funny at all.

    • Agreed

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