Posted by: mzbitca | July 30, 2009

Things that are awesome


Whenever people ask me why I still like Green Day it makes me laugh.  People have this image of them as a 5 cord band with no creativity and although they may be right about the cords there is more to a band than just that.  Their music always speaks to me even if I don’t know at the time why.   They consistently have an underlying rebellion and frustration at the status quo in their songs that has only gotten even more pronounced.  

Something they do at every concert is bring someone from the audience on stage to perform.  I’ve heard people complain that this takes time but it shows to me someone that knows that the reason they are up there is because of the people in front of them and that it’s more than music to them as well.  The members are often brutally honest in interviews at their pain and joy of their lives and I still remember Billy saying that one of most joyful moments in his life was the birth of his kid.  It shows that even after American Idiot and their insane popularity that has come they still remember what counts and this video shows it.

I am so excited for Stephanie and I love the way he interacts with her.  He brings her up for a 9 minute song, and incredibly popular song among fans, lets her rock out and consistently makes sure she’s having fun and engaging.  Not only did he make this fan’s day he also showed to those doubters out there that a teenage girl could rock out on a guitar just as good as a male and that females deserve to share the stage with their male counterparts.



  1. When people ask me why I still like Green Day I punch them in the face.

    …j/k But I do give them my best “are you stupid?” look.

    Sadly, that group includes my husband.

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