Posted by: mzbitca | August 7, 2009

Let’s be honest with ourselves

Imagine if you heard on the news that a thousand people of color appeared at a town hall,  that they carried signs depicting John McCain as Hitler,  that every time a person tried to speak they screamed “Liar” and reduced fellow citizens practically to tears because when they tried to tell a heart breaking story about their life and why they want a specific policy because they were yelling at them and calling them Lazy.  They are not allowed in a room because it would be a fire hazard and some have to stand outside, they then pound on windows and scream about their rights being taken away.  They issue death threats, they attempt to reach congressmen in a threatening way.  They accost others going into the place and then, when others fight back, scream that they are being bullied and threatened.


What do you think the police would do?  Do you think it would be nothing? Do you think they would stand there and try to do crowd control?  Or do you think they would come in with tazers and rubber bullets, and real bullets and SWAT team outfits?  Would you blame them if they did?


Let’s look at the evidence:  In the past month we have learned about how college prof. can get arrested for disorderly conduct for getting (perhaps) a little shitty about being accosted in their own house and had a completely human response of being pissed off,  Pregnant women and elderly men can get tasered because of confusion over a noise complaint,  Police departments have online chatrooms where racism rages.


Members of the GLBT community protest and the police presence is felt, and not in a supportive way,  the same with any other disenfranchised group.  The message is there, say your piece but step a foot out of line and we will bring it down on you and hard, no hard feelings, it’s just how we work.  The rules are different when you belong to a community that is identified as “different”, as “savage” as “out of control” by those that wish to maintain the upper hand of discourse in their community. 

What we are seeing is racism in action: Behaviors tolerated in one group that would not be in another for no other reason than one having power and privilege over the other.  Once gets to be identified as patriots and the others  as troublemakers.  One is high powered organizations bussing people in to shout down others and seem like their voice is the most important,  the others are small grass roots organizations designed to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.  Which do you think is supposed to be legitimate and which is considered a scam and working to steal elections.

It’s racism and it’s poison in our community and it will kill anything positive about us, no matter how many Obamas and Sotomayors we nominate, because we are unwilling to call it out for what it actually is, and when someone does they are called a reverse racist.

We need to be honest with ourselves and with others and we need to talk about things the way they are in the reality of our world



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