Posted by: mzbitca | August 21, 2009

Sure, there’s nothing creepy about Twilight

I haven’t been posting about Twilight since I went over to the sparkly side to read and recap the first book.  I didn’t have the stomach or dedication to continue, but others far braver than I have delved into the clusterfuck of twisted relational values that are the books staple.

I’ve mostly tried to avoid any exposure as I’m sick of hearing how I just don’t “understand” that people are not in love with the stalkerish behavior of Edward but rather some unrealistic version of old fashioned romance.  Then I saw this


The shadow figure combined with the “be safe” is just sickening.  Now females need to have a fictional character plastered on their walls, looking over them, and admonishing them to watch their behavior, because, if you remember, Bella almost kills herself on a regular basis.  

Not only are we teaching young girls to idolize behaviors that should be considered giant red warning flags,  we are showing young boys how they should act to win girls over.  It’s a circle that feeds on itself.  Girls have a twisted view on what they expect in a relationship,  find out the reality is nowhere  near what they thought, while boys feel justified in engaging in negative behavior and blame the girls when it doesn’t “work.  See the recent attack in Pennsylvania.  We beat fucked up messages about relationships into boys and girls heads and help build and solidify the horrible power dynamic of the patriarchy.  These relationships work out well for the guys in that it gives them power, control and a sense of superiority but when the girls start rejecting this dynamic it is not taken in stride. Men feel disenfranchised and “emasculated” and blame, not the faulty gender dynamic that was taught them, but the women for not playing along with their correct role.



  1. I actually just wrote a post today about Twilight and its merchandise and how it’s getting out of control. This wall decal is disgusting and creepy. I really can’t see how people think this is “romantic.”

    Anyways, here’s a link to my post about the subject:

  2. Twilight is so creepy. But the fact that more people don’t find it so is even more disturbing.

  3. HA! Seriously.

    Actually, I have been trying to get the stomach to continue. The third book is just so. bad.

    Also, thanks for the link. 😉

  4. (it took me way too long to come up w/ this)

    I know you meant the title to be “Sure, sure, there’s nothing creepy about Twilight”. Ha! C wut I did there?

    OYD out!

    • So this is what happens when someone gets stranded in Tokoyo

  5. […] of creepy…  I saw this little beauty on another crazy random happenstance blog.  Be sure to read the post.  It’s […]

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