Posted by: mzbitca | September 2, 2009

Call For Help

Hey everyone,

I am teaching a class referred to as “abnormal psychology”  I hate the term and have already discussed why with my class but I want to make sure that my class is as progressive as possible and involves the opinions of those who are dealing with the symptoms of mental illness.  I have read pieces from those that talk about their PTSD symptoms or other such things and I generated a discussion about the recent clusterfuck that was the Salon article but I was wondering about any more resources or advice, whether it be blogs or just things to remember and look out for.  I also want to make sure that the reality of mental health treatment is discussed in this class and I have a decent enough concept of how frustrating it is from my end of being a provider and trying to get people services but would love input on how it can be on the other side.

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  1. The book Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis has some great articles critically examining the nature of diagnosis. Another think you can do is ask questions like “What does ‘low sex drive mean?” or “What constitutes ‘unstable relationships’?” or “What social circumstance could lead to ‘unstable mood swings’?” Let students argue for awhile, then talk about how that shows there are few empirical standards for a DSM diagnosis. The DSM is a political document; make that point as well.

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