Posted by: mzbitca | September 25, 2009

Apologizing for my absence and a minor annoyance

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to apologize for my absence over the last few weeks.  Some of you know I got some pretty crappy news, I’ve been sick and work has been pretty stressful. Plus I’ve had to take a licensure exam (I passed) and we’re getting new floors.  So, I will try to get make a bit more of a regular posting schedule over the next few weeks. I”m hoping all the TV shows starting up again will help.  

Until then I just wanted to talk about my number one Feminist annoyance.  When I say feminist annoyance I mean something small in our society that truly is not something to have rallies about or go activist on, but still every time I see it it reminds me that women are still considered “different” (in a bad way).


I absolutely despise pink themed sportswear.  Now let me be clear,  The Bears did have a shirt that had Pink on it but the proceeds went 100% to research (Bear down!) and it also was a navy blue shirt with pink writing.  What I’m talking about are the pink Jerseys or the pink hats.  Why is it assumed that if you want women to wear a sports team’s clothing you must make it pink instead of the actual team’s colors.  Are women not big enough sports fans?  And what does it say to women, even when rooting for you team you must make it clear that you ARE female. Heaven forbid someone not recognize it in a regular jersey or hat or shirt. Also, and this is just me being a snob but, if you’re really a fan of a team shouldn’t you want to wear the colors to announce it to everyone else. Why should someone have to try and read the name at the back of teh jersey to figure it out because everything has to be in pale pink.  If you’re a Steelers fan damnit you should be willing to look like a yellow jacket in a black and yellow jersey.

Okay, I’m done, what are some of your feminist annoyances?



  1. I don’t think the pink team clothing would bother me so much if there were a LOT more choices for us women in the actual team colors. I can see some women wanting pink stuff and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is having about two choices in my team’s colors while there are about 50 in pink. I shouldn’t have to buy a male shirt to wear my team’s colors.

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