Posted by: mzbitca | October 18, 2009

kid’s movies are scary

A lot of people are saying that Where the Wild Things Are is too scary for kids and is an adult movie.

I’ll present my argument with the following clips from my childhood movies





There was also “Old Yeller” which I still don’t talk about much. I’d like to know what sick fucker thought the best way to end the movie was to have a kid blow his dogs head off



  1. Thing is, my little one is very sensitive and does find a lot of children’s movies very frightening and tells me he doesn’t want to watch them. So I avoid anything obviously scary, and if he does get scared, I turn it off.

    Which is exactly why I don’t get the fuss about how scary this adaptation is. If a child is frightened by it, surely a parent would turn it off (if on a DVD) or take them out of the cinema?

    • See but you know your child. A lot of the reviews I’ve seen have just been blanket: “too scary for kids” and some of them base it because their 2 year old didnt’ like it. I would argue that the movie is probably more for 7-9 year olds so they won’t be as overwhelmed by the loud noises like a younger child.

  2. The movie that scared me a lot as a kid was The Hugga Bunch Movie. Yes, I know the entire movie is creepy–but the part that scared me was the demise of the Bad Person in it. How I remember it was, the HuggaBunches pushed this giant glass thing on top of her and crushed her to death. (Or something).

    I often hid my eyes/ran away whenever that scene came on (which is why I don’t remember it quite right), but I still loved that movie. I watched it every single time it came on TV.

    • I loved the hugga bunch movie but yeah the ending was pretty bad. What happened was she was trying to get to the fruit to keep her young and they were dropping the glass thing down and she couldnt reach it before she got too old

    • Holy crap! I’ve been trying to figure out the name of the Hugga Bunch movie for years! Thank you for helping me rediscover what is undoubtedly one of the creepiest moments of my childhood. *is off to youtube*

  3. OMG “Chilly Down” scared the shit out of me when I was a little kid. Holy crap. Whose fucked-up childhood nightmares inspired THAT?!

    You should also include “The Secret of NIMH” in that list. A character is murdered right on fucking camera! (Two are, actually.)

  4. I was always terrified by Sleeping Beauty (the dragon scene), Dumbo (drunk Dumbo scene) and Pinnochio (pretty much the whole thing scared me and I refused to watch it years later when it came out on DVD).

  5. I loved watching Winnie-the-Pooh videos as a kid, but the one about Tigger where Rabbit gets lost in the woods and freaks out about all the strange animal noises and Pooh and Piglet keep walking in circles and can’t get home always freaked me out. Also freaky was a Care Bears video where everybody turned gray. Also, a few of the Land Before Time movies. And Once Upon a Forest was one of the freakiest kids movies I remember.
    It’s different for everyone.

  6. My mom got me a vinyl recording of ‘Old Yeller’ from the library when I was about 7 or 8. After I heard the end I chewed her out hardcore for subjecting me to that.
    Also, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Those flying monkeys still freak me out. Not to mention its moral message that ugly people are inherently bad and that you should never venture any farther than your own back yard.

  7. Ghostbusters was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid but they ghost in the library scared the crap out of me. My parents made me a version on VHS from which they had cut that scene out. I subsequently wore that tape out.

  8. Oh Once Upon a Forest was scary as hell… So was Little Nemo in Slumberland, We’re Back, and the queen in Snow White. And the Black Cauldron. Giant animated army of the dead? Made me crap my pants as a kid.

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