Posted by: mzbitca | October 30, 2009

Bad Blog Mistress, Bad

I promise I still exist I just have been horrible at posting lately.  I would say it’s because I’m really busy but I”m not busier than usual. I’ve just been slightly lazy and feeling like whenever I find something to blog about 600 other people have already gotten to it, which I know isn’t a legitimate reason.  I”m starting to get some motivation back, so of course I am getting ready to leave town for a week.  So I am giving myself a homework assignment.


I will be in the DOminican Republic for a week but I have 3 books that I”m planning on reading, “Quiverfull” “The Purity Myth” and RAchel Simmons new one “The curse of the Good girl”  Plan on reviews of at least one-two of those when I return.

Until then, everyone help each other, try not to be assholes and have safe weeks. Hope to connect with everyone again soon!



  1. That’s the beauty of blogging…

    You can do it as much or as little as you like/are able to.

    Have a great/safe trip. I have sort of brother in law from DR. My sort of sister (she’s really my cousin, but we grew up together in a way) loves going there to visit.

  2. Have a wonderful vacation. I wanted to add that you should skip the purity myth, you will never get the time back that you invested.

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