Posted by: mzbitca | November 13, 2009

Children have rights

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend so I’ll be as specific as possible.


Everybody got it?  Okay, here we go.

ahemCHILDREN ARE PEOPLE.  They have rights just like you do as their parent.  I can understand your desire to show them off to all of your friends on facebook but let me be very clear.  

FACEBOOK is NOT private.  All someone has to do is right click on  your child’s picture and it is now on their computer.  So maybe you need to think twice before you post 300 pictures of your child’s completely naked body and put it in a public forum.  

1. Your child is a human being with individual rights.  Granted, they do not know that their naked picture is on facebook, but let’s think, do you want your naked picture on facebook? NO!  There is a big difference between a picture in the tub in a family photo album where, when the child ages, they will have some ability to monitor who gets to see it.  It is completely different to place it online where people you may or may not even talk to can see it.  Respect children, they are not your pets or your property, accord them the same resepct you would anyone else.

2. This point is unfortuante but realistic.  Odds are, if you are friends with over 500 people, at least one of them has some type of sex offense in their past that you do not know about.  Would allow people you barely know access to hard copies of pictures of your kid and let them take them home.  NO, but that’s what you’re doing every time you put a picture like that on a public forum.  I understand its an uncomfortable thought but the fact is that your child is not in control of images of their body and you are in charge of protecting them.  Please, think about it.




Just a quick couple of things: this is not in regards to breast-feeding,  This is focused on the amount of pictures that I have seen people post on facebook of their child naked.  I understand that it’s cute and as a parent you just want to share your love with your friends.  However,  my mentality is different after working with sex offenders for a period of time in my life and my belief that there can be a tendency of some parents to forget that their kids are individual people who have rights of their own.



  1. I won’t even post CLOTHED pictures of kids I know online. I can’t believe that people post naked ones.

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